El Ahmad

Web Developer | Search Engine Marketer

A short bio about me.

My age is in early 40’s, a husband to my lovely wife with 3 wonderful kids of two boys and a girl. Start my early interest in IT & venture into my own business Cyber Cafe at 2010.

Since then I spend most of the time handling business operation and start exploring the Internet of Things.

Story of mine

Let me tell you a story of mine.

my interest for internet especially with web development started since year 2008 by exploring blogspot.

A few years after that I move from blogspot to wordpress & php. Then I developed few friends website and get small token for my beginner level.

Since then I gain confidence and develop more websites when Malaysia Goverment introduce grant of RM1,000.00 for those (each) business create a complete functional websites..

However, I come across one thing. After they had their own website then my client asked what they should do next. I stumbled & got stucked for quite some time. I started to loose some client & demotivated.

Here is the analogy – You run a business & rent a shop inside shopping mall but there is no people visiting the mall. No walk-in customers or at least potential prospect such sales leads. No sales..

I need to think as Mall Managers. Do promotions and get traffic flow into my mall. More traffic is coming in the higher will be closed deals for most of my tenant. Happy customer brings business and they will be happy to stay.

I realised my weaknesses. I need to be progressive. After all being progressive is able to change accordingly. Things change as today compared to last time. If you live in the era’s of 90’s or early 2000’s website is just merely as a company profile for electronic or online version.

In this new millenia era, internet behaves differently. Internet gives more than just showing company profile. It provide news, socializing online and so many things such as buy things online through cashless payment with no or less physical contact.

Late 2016, I started my campaign with a few prospect. Now, no more just create websites but then left out without traffic. Here is what i do in 3 important steps

1st- I design & create a fully functional websites.

2nd- Next, I make research & some experimental into the search engine things to get flow of traffic visitors to website

3rd- Once traffic starts to flow in then I do my level of best to convert them into sales lead or paying customers.

The conclusion is I help client create website from scratch until it is ready for production either to generate sales or enquiry (sales lead). As web developer & search engine specialist your website will be develop with two purposes in mind.

First for the search engine requirement & second for human visitors that change how users view from pc such as desktop and laptop to mobile & tablet devices.

Want to get in touch personally with me then don’t delay just drop me an email I will get back to you soon as I get your request in mailbox.