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I am El Ahmad, creator of

The idea behind this website

The idea having this website is to assist or guide how to create “production-ready” website for busy & non-techie (technical) people or a founder-of-website like you.


How to define “production-ready”? This is what I got from stackexchange..

Programmer’s definition “production-ready”:

– it runs
– it satisfies the project requirement
– its design was well thought out
– it’s stable
– it’s maintainable
– it’s scalable
– it’s documented

Management’s definition of “production-ready”:

– it runs
– it’ll turn a profit

I believe you most likely interested on Management’s definition. So stay a while let me explain why am I doing this.

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Let me share something that valuable for free.

It is my e-book title “Start with simple steps as easy ABC”. This serve as guide before you start to look for web developer or designer to create your own project that can be personal or business.

The purpose

It has been few years since I am doing freelance. Most of clients I met had no idea what to expect when it come to develop their own website.

Some can explain or express things but unable to put into writing while others got no clue at all. This will prolong your online sales or marketing campaign thus will incur high costs. The worst part the project is being abandoned.

After this I will make sure you got the idea what is it all about making website that runs, generate income online & making profit. Did I say about profit?

Yeah I did. Profit is the objective but the process is the part of must-know & must-do is critical for you.

Can I guarantee profit? I am glad you asked. You run your own business. You determine how much is the cost to operate, what will be the revenue. My part is to do the marketing side via online. Getting regular traffic, manage your online campaign & convert into leads or potential prospects.

List of things that I do for you:

1- Do it the right way

2- Learn why-to before knowing how-to

3- Master the how-to process

4- Always pray hard & being optimistic 🙂

5- Repeat the 1st step until 4th

Later I will add more but this would be sufficient at the moment.

Start do your homework as I’ll be here to guide you the steps that can safe time, less wasting money while putting some effort to make your website run 24/7 (even when you sleep) generates income such as paying customers or sales lead.